Is anyone on this forum married with no kids?

I wonder if there are any others like me here who have an ADHD marriage but no kids.  I've been reading here and it seems like most people have kids which I can imagine would make the whole situation much more difficult and overwhelming.  Though I see our situation in so much of what I've read - and my husband is so much like ADD descriptions - it also doesn't seem like we have it anywhere near as "bad" as what others describe.   I'm not sure if that's because we don't have kids to complicate matters or if we've just found a way to tolerate our differences or if my husband's ADD tendencies just aren't that bad.  It's certainly been infinitely helpful that i have a successful career that I didn't drop out of to raise a family - since he has been unemployed off and on over the last ten years.  Since we have been discussing this he now refers to it as his "defect".  I said maybe we have complementary defects - since I think I have my own issues coming from a family with two alcoholic parents.   His fun loving nature offsets my lack of a fun mind set and my over developed sense of responsibility offsets his lack of focus on responsibilities. 

Anyway, I'm just wondering if there are others without kids and if everything is as horrible for you as others describe in the Anger and Frustration forum - which seems to get far more traffic than any others.  Or are you better able to deal with the issues if it is just you and spouse involved?