Anyone on here with ADHD/ADD !!??

I read Melissa Orlov's book 3 times and found it very validating for both my wife (God bless her heart) and myself. I was diagnosed with ADHD/ADD after 12 hour PsychEval. this year and after 15 years of marriage, this book may be a catalyst in reconciliation between us. I would love to start a chat with other ADHD folks about this book and how it helped or if there were any disagreements and why. Also, i might be having bad luck, but it seems as though every forum i click its a spouse stating that their partner is "dumb, forgets everything, uses ADHD as an excuse".....which I can empathize with their suffering, however, generalizations dont describe every person. I graduated with Honors in undergrad, grad and post grad school, owned my own company..etc.  I am a provider in the pulmonary and critical care field and love helping people. I am very ambitious, but have no idea how to be in a relationship. NONE. does this make me overall a stupid person? Doesnt everyone need to grow and better themselves in the journey of life?

Have an awesome week!