are ADHD people sick more often?

This is not a sarcastic question--is there some corollary between ADHD and physical ailments?  I know that ADHD people are more prone to accidents and injuries due to impulsive, risk taking behavior--that I can totally see not only in DH but in my kids, both of whom have ADHD too.  What I am talking about is physical complaints, ailments, aches and pains.  In the past 20 years I cannot tell you how many aches and pains DH complains about.  I am sure it is not a daily thing, but it seems like it.  Headaches, upset stomach, arthritis (not diagnosed), kink in his neck, cramp in his leg (hence a limp)  the list seems to go on and on.  He has been hospitalized several times and had many surgeries--carpal tunnel in both wrists, some ankle thing I can't even remember, but now that ankle acts up a lot, 18 inches of colon removed due to diverticulitis, broken wrist, elbow, broken teeth.  It's always something.  Since December DH has traveled for work Monday mornings until Friday afternoons and if I speak to him at night there's usually a complaint--he's exhausted because he didn't sleep well, he was up all night with a migraine, he was up all night with an upset stomach, he is exhausted because it was so hot wherever he is and the heat just took it out of him.  Now, this is a man who was in the Air Force.  How can he be that delicate?  Is is part of the low self esteem, attention getting?  need for drama?  need to be the center of attention?  I have been hospitalized exactly twice-to give birth to each boy.  I had a miscarriage after son #2 and had to have a procedure to take care of that and I can tell you it was awful and yet...came home and carried on the same day.  I had three impacted wisdom teeth dug out without anesthetic and drove myself home.  Not that I never get sick, that's not what I mean, but geez-does anyone else notice more than average physical complaints from their ADHD spouse?  Just curious.