Are there ADHD interventions?

I suppose this may belong in the 'Treatment' section of this forum.  I am posting it here because 99.9% of my interactions and posting are in this section.

I wonder if an intervention is something that works with ADHD.  My spouse is so deep in his denial  whew - no responsibility for any unrest belongs to him - for anything.  He is misunderstood.  Friends take advantage of him.  Business associates screw him out of money.  His family is against him.  I expect too much,  I am never happy with him.  He tries so hard. . . . . . . .  He does not believe anyone outside the 4 walls of our home think there is anything amiss in our home life.  And if there are, they are just a**es who don't matter anyway.

I just do not want to give up.  I just gotta believe there is SOME WAY to get through to him.  

I do not know if his childhood experiences also affect his life.   He grew up with criticism, and feeling as he would never be good enough.  I do believe in the old saying: your childhood may have been rough, but your finish does not have to be a never-ending-rerun.  He is super defensive.  Does not apologize if I am hurt by his behavior - his idea is he only has to apologize if his 'intention' was to hurt or be mean.  Anything else, he takes no responsibility.  

Anyone have any input on the intervention idea?  did you try it?  did it help?  Did it back-fire?