Asking for help

I have four kids, five if you include the ADHD husband, am pregnant, and desperately need help because I have the worst cold-flu of my life. My husband refuses to work, does absolute minimal childcare during the day (everyone is adequately cared,for, but I have to,prep meals to warm up, set out clothes, etc) and no housework at all ever. His response to me being sick is to say I'm faking, even though I'm not breathing well. I probably should have gone to the ER yesterday as my lips turned blur nut he would not allow it. Does anyone have any effective strategies for asking family for help? My family's go to response,when I ask, even beg,for help, is that I should "make" my husband help. They just don't understand that I can't "make" him do anything. They can't wrap their heads around the fact that he might be incapable of providing support on a minimally acceptable level. Has anyone ever successfully explained this to family and gained/ regained some support?