Atrocious ? Really?

Today a sales rep stopped over.  My spouse asked if I minded if he brought the guy into the house.  I am still in my PJs, so I said, "Yes, I would mind."

After the guy leaves, my spouse is slamming things around muttering under his breath.  Then he says, "You think people think you are treated so atrociously, well, I think this is atrocious."

Atrocious?  That was not a word I ever said.  Atrocious?  Much too strong of a word for the situation.

Hm.  The front door of our house leads into his office, but it is so full of piles of paper and boxes of stuff that there is no room for anyone to stand and talk.  His barn is so full, no one can step inside to stand and talk.  But he should be able to parade people into the kitchen of the house, because there is room to stand?

So starts another day in the life. 

These are the sort of irritations than can push me right over the edge.