Many people, I'd almost say most, people misuse or don't understand the true meaning of attitude.  I see so many people take and make statements that include the term "attitude" and they are very much out of context with the word  

I build and fly model airplanes. Being an aircraft pilot of any sort really teaches you the true definition of attitude. (Not to be confused with altitude) Lola!!!

Attitude  is not a feeling or a belief.  It is not a display of any type of feeling. It is certainly not a look on someone's face after hearing or seeing something. It is not behavior. The thug telling a policeman to kiss something does not necessarily have a bad attitude.

There needs to be a word for those descriptions but I'm at a loss on that. 

ATTITUDE: is quite simply your position relative to your surroundings. This position can be perceived or actual. Perceived is where I think people confuse it with a feeling but still it is just your place in reference to everything else around you.  

Controlling your attitude or the ability to control it is a very powerful thing. But again, it is not a feeling or a look. It is your place in relation to everything else. 

Make this place positive and you will FEEL good. Make this "relative position" negative and ill feelings, anger, guilt, sorrow, and generally bad things will surround you.

I wish for more people to understand that simple truth. Understand the TRUE meaning of ATTITUDE and many doors open up in your mind. 

Everyone should fly an airplane once in their life.