Baby girl is due soon, symptoms flaring up

I'm am the ADHD husband of a pregnant wife with generalized anxiety disorder. I don't know if I was ever formally diagnosed, but while attending college, a psychiatrist prescribed adderall after I gave a history of my academic struggles. I had been managing some of my symptoms for several years since discontinuing therapy and medication in 2010 by using lists, calendars, and reminders with a moderate level of success. However, I had been ignoring other symptoms like impulsivity and my short temper. When my wife and I decided to start trying to get pregnant, we agreed that we needed to seek couples therapy to talk about some of the stuff we had swept under the rug during the first several years of our relationship. Some of that was weird ways we learned to cope with symptoms of my ADHD, and some of it was ways we learned to cope with her anxiety disorder, among other things. I am really happy we are doing that together, and couldn't recommend it more to the folks on this forum. Couples therapy is actually amazing.

As the due date looms nearer, adding to that my recent start at a new gig inside my company, the stress is mounting. I can barely concentrate at work or at home, let alone reply to emails. I know exactly what I need to do, the small tasks needed to make progress on the larger project- but I just can't start anything and its not being noticed yet, but it will be very shortly. On this most recent holiday, I found solace in a game that I could sink several hours into -serving as my hyperfocus outlet- but now I'm back to wandering from task to task, not completing any of them.

So, I thought maybe I should revive my prescription because the standard stuff wasn't working and this is, as many of my friends and colleagues pointed out, a high-stress time in my life and I shouldn't feel ashamed to get medicinal help.

Turns out that is a lot harder to do than I thought. The psychiatrist that originally prescribed the medication is in CT and was supposed to keep my records for 7 years, which I was going to use to prove to my primary care physician in MA that I had been previously diagnosed, so I wouldn't have to go through the rigmarole of getting tested again. He didn't keep them. My therapist is not an MD, so that doesn't help. My primary care physician referred me to someone, who I recently visited, who referred me to yet someone else to do comprehensive testing using a concussion I had in 2005 as an excuse to get it covered because my insurer doesn't cover it unless its a medical problem. That is in April.

If I wait until April to resolve this, I'm going to drown at work and at home, and at worst I'm going to be canned. I have no idea what to do.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.