Back for a minute..

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to check in and tell you my "break" is just what I needed!  I totally focused on what I needed (not everything that was going wrong) and things are going surprisingly well.....never thought I would say that.  My DH and I sat down shortly before I decided to take my "break" and really talked about a lot of stuff that both of us needed to stop.  I didn't make any demands and had no expectations that anything would be different (although I didn't tell him that).  In the past two weeks he started seeing a counselor at school (or at least he says he is), he got a prescription to help him quit smoking, started taking herbal supplements for his ADHD, he started going to church again (even on the Sundays when I have to work) and he started having the ministers come once a week for bible study again, he went and got the paperwork started to get a house in the area we work (so we can be closer and get away from all the negative influences) AND the #1 most amazing thing is that when he got his student loan money last week he used it for stuff that pertained to school and bills that needed to be paid!!!  It isn't all gone with nothing to show for it, even when his friend offered him two jet skis for an amount of money that he would have easily had.  He actually told the guy no he had things to do with the money.  Guess that whole stepping back thing works!! :)

On my side of the coin, I had an interview for an awesome job last week (Got a call back on it yesterday, but I was gone all day so I will have to call them on Monday), had a call for an interview for another job yesterday (have to call them back when I get home today), was chosen for a photo shoot for a book, the DH took me to the mall and bought me some new clothes (he HATES the mall) and I'm still seeing my counselor.

I know this could end at any time and it could all go south, but I'm "basking in the glow" right now!  Do we still have issues???? OH YEAH!!!  But he is working on his part and I'm working on mine.  His quote of the week from his counselor was "you need to go and do your thing (within boundaries) and she needs to go and do hers and in the evening you come together".  Hes been home every night for two weeks...he might be on the laptop or watching TV but its sitting by me on the couch, so I will take it!

Take care everyone!  Be back later!