Back to square one

We had a bit of a break this summer, and I really chilled out. My parents were mostly taking care of the kids most of the time and we were around a lot of people, which always makes my husband behave better. I've been worrying about what would happen once we got back to our normal life, just us and the kids, and needing to be on a schedule for school. Well, it's all fallen apart quickly. Since we've been home from my parents, he's been staying up until all hours, scheduling things he needs to do in the evenings, leaving me alone with the kids, not doing household chores on his list that we agreed to (like dishes), and this morning he totally bailed on the first day of school. He didn't get out of bed until ten minutes before we had to be out the door, then the little one fussed about her socks, and we were all off schedule. I have a back injury, and ended up straining something in the rush, and I can't really sit in the car without tremendous pain anyway, so the ride to school was horrendous for me. I was a little snarly, yes. Once we got the kids both off, we were alone in the car, he was saying that he would not bail tomorrow. And I expressed that I was worried because we seemed to be getting in back into the bad pattern of him being up late and not functioning in the morning. He then got mad at me. And when I said "shit" in the context of , "Let's stop at CVS and pick up what we need, I don't give a shit if takes an extra minute for me to get to work, I told them I wouldn't be in until 10am." He went ballistic, banged the gear shift into park, banged the steering whell, threw his glasses and started screaming at me. He doesn't like my cursing. So that was my big failure of the day. When he pulled up at the next stoplight and was still screaming. I got out of the car and walked home (painfully, slowly, miserably). When I got home, he started a monologue from the other room as he banged stuff around saying things like, "Well, if you thought it was bad before, you ain't seen nothing yet" and other miserable things. I just ignored him and signed on to work. He was just properly diagnosed with ADHD at the beginning of the summer, but is not yet taking any meds but Wellbutrin. I posted about that part of the process before. Now I'm just venting, because I had been trying to stay in a positive mood all summer, but now it's all fallen apart so quickly. I really don't want to get a divorce and split up because of the kids, and because I think he can get through this if he gets proper treatment and anger management help. And because I love the person he is underneath it all. But I can't live with that anger, and the level of mismanagement that comes with his ADHD.