The bad boss.

His boss is a very bad person to work for,the definition of (bad) means,I am very horrified by his personal lifestyle,a lifestyle we have been seeing for our own self and with our very own eyes.

His boos has a beautiful wife and is a very well established man with a high name in the business world, and also two beautiful kids.His boss lives 2 separate lifestyles, the good with wife and kids,

and the, 

nasty lifestyle with other women,, he has been dating other women as well,lots and lots of them,every week a different one,he has lots and lots of them ,he has these Colombian girls he brings down and date,(prostitutes) he dates and they are very attractive girls(hot)looking.The boss is a very wealthy man....very these ladies doing it for the money...

His boss will invite us to hang out V.I.P with him and his ladies associates, and I am becoming very spectacle with this,I think it it not wise to go and hang out with these hot looking girls and his boss again,it could not be to good for DH.

He already has a high sex drive and he is already watching all the porn and other women,I think that I am setting up myself for disaster.

What do you think?