Basic Communication

Hi all,


I am very new to this site and hope to get some feedback.

I was diagnosed with ADHD at a very young age and i thought i had it under control in my adult life. I have ben dating my Girlfriend for 3 1/2 years and my communication seems to be getting worse. My main issue is that when someone is speaking to me, i often only hear the first few words they say and the rest just sort of disappear. This happens with my girlfriend, my Best Friend, co-workers and Boss. Recently i was in a job interview and was fielding questions and it even happened there. It was actually that interview which led me to realize i have some issues with communication.

My Girlfriend is very nonconfrontational, so most often the issues she has, she does not communicate. This can be good for me at times, but i realize that it may be hurting my relationship with her. But without her telling me i cannot be sure.

I used to be on medication for my adhd, but i feel it was too much. I stopped taking the medication after high school. I was taking 60mg of time release Dexedrine a day, 30mg in the morning, and 30 mg at luch. It turned me into a zombie. I dont have very good health insurance so im not sure that medication is something attainable for me. What i am looking for are tips and best practices. basically, i would like some feedback on ways that i can communicate these issues with others, without angering them.


anything is appreciated

Thank you