The beautiful side of ADHD

I'm sharing a true story. Something my ADHD husband did for me. This was only a few years ago well into our marriage. This is only one of many loving romantic or quirky things he has done in the course of our relationship. One of the reasons I feel he deserves for me to try to work at our marriage and one of the many reasons I love him. It took a lot of organizing, planning and follow up to make it happen, so I know there is hope. I also believe only an ADHDer could truly pull this off the way he did.

It was a cold and rainy Friday. I was cleaning house, feeling lonely and cranky. My hubby worked long hours and I felt overburdened with the responsibilities at home. He calls me and says" Pack a bag, we are getting away for the weekend." I'm not in the mood" I moan, pushing my errant locks out of the way.

" I'm tired and irritable, thinking about our many bills due Monday, "Besides we can't afford it." I snap. He pleads with me, then tells me to read the card on our bed. " Fine, I say. I quickly shower, throw on some jeans and a t-shirt. Stuff a dress, makeup, shoes into a bag.

I find a pretty envelope on the bed. On it is written, " My Sweetheart, What is long.....a riddle." I open it, inside a card. "To find the answer you must follow the rules, on your neck Topaz blue, on your hands all your goes on and ends with Be Ready at three. I put on my Blue topaz necklace, my rings. I hear the doorbell, I open the door and see a man in a black uniform and hat, holding an umbrella. Behind is is a LONG Hummer Limousine. I'm speechless. He asks me to come with him.

I grab my bag and get into the limo. He informs me there are beverages and hands me another envelope. It says "Rings on her Fingers and Bells on her toes" I open it. "More rules, Do not call me, in the event of an emergency the driver will call me. I love you Have a good time. On the other side. " For your first destination your hands and feet will be first. I've poured you some wine to quench all your thirst. Sweets for the Sweet and Chocolate galore All things you deserve so indulge Mi Amore. " Oh My."

The driver pulls up to a salon. I go in and there is wine and chocolates and I am treated to a manicure and pedicure. The cashier hands me another envelope when I'm done. I go back into the limo and read. " It's hard to improve on perfection.... Inside " Tony and Guys What a wonderful place you're sure to leave there with a smile on your face... The driver takes me to the place. I go in and my hair and makeup is done. The stylist is grinning as she hands me yet another envelope. I read it on the way back to the limo.

" Nails-check, Hair-check,Makeup-check, now lets get into something comfortable. Inside...Instructions on what to do at the next stop.. A clue "Think shedding your skin." ??????

A long drive, we stop at an Exclusive boutique. I enter and the salesgirl shows me several dresses. I peek at one price tag and gasp. She says. These are ones he's picked out. You may choose ANYTHING in the store. A t-shirt in the store runs several hundred dollars. I dare not look at another tag. I try on the dresses and pick the one that looks like snakeskin. I'm guessing he liked that one the best.It was the softest fabric I ever wore. She brings me shoes to match and earrings.

She hands me another envelope. I go out to the limo, my head reeling and there is a crowd around the door and people are murmuring, wondering who the "celebrity" is. The store was kept open just for me. WOW. The driver ushers me into the limo. Another long drive.

I read the envelope."Where's My *****?" Inside. "Come To Me." The driver drives around in circles for a while when we get to a beautiful Lakeside restaurant, finally coming to a stop. The door opens. I see a Big Black Stetson, then a Black silk Cowboy Jacket, Jeans..He looks up, I see Dark Sunglasses. I am enamored of cowboys, so I'm startled and puzzled. Then he tilts his hat and says "Howdy Ma"m. I squeal like a schoolgirl. It's My hubby. I'm in tears by now. He escorts me out of the limo and we have a fabulous dinner and drinks.

He takes me out by the lake, seats me under the gazebo, gets on his knees and says" I do not let you know how much I respect, admire and appreciate all you do. I hope this shows you I do. Will you Marry me again?

What's a girl to say? :) We went away for the weekend. Every woman should have a guy do something like this for her. Unforgettable.

He planned this for weeks, enlisted my brother in law to help, and traded out goods and services for everything.Kept it all a secret, I had NO clue. So I forgive him a lot. LOL.