Becoming a different person, for myself

I like most of you, have been angry, make that "furious" a lot with my husband and his antics. I was miserable, and just filled with hate. I resented the lying, especially since it's almost always over what I would consider stupid things. I've finally realized that in order for things to ever "change", I had to stop worrying about my husband and if he was ever going to change, and instead free myself. I developed a mood disorder after the birth of my daughter, as well as depression. I've screamed at my husband,cursed him out, hit him once, I've been horrible thanks to letting my anger run my life. I am happy to say, I finally feel free. After reading many of these post, I realize while my husband has done some very stupid things, it could be much worse. He is very much the family man, has been patient and dealt with a lot regarding my own issues. He has stood by me, while I punched walls, screamed, broke things, cried, and just visibly shook from all the emotional pain I was in. He mostly has impulses with money, spending etc. He has never cheat on me, and try's his hardest to communicate. It is only when I get really angry, and criticize that he would shut down entirely. I grew up with a mother with anger issues, a horrible temper, possibly bipolar or some borderline personality traits etc. Dateline really should do a story on my mother's side of the family , it's that bad lol. I have noticed though, since I have taken responsibility and am changing my own behaviors, my husband and  I seem to be communicating better. I wasn't always this angry person, by the way, just hormones and whatever changed after pregnancy. Anyways, just thought i'd share some positivity that change is possible.