Been ignored for one week while he is in manic state working

My boyfriend of six months is a professional musician.  He has moved beyond the hyperfocus stage, has started detaching and now has gone a solid week without seeing me.  He's called every few days - sometimes after staying awake for two solid days working on a music with an imaginary deadline.  He has new software that he's learned in record time.  I've seen this mania before and it is alarming but this is the first time I've been completely cut off.  His messages keep telling me what an understanding girlfriend I am and that he misses me but he's soooo busy.  

I haven't called but finally, after some mania of my own, I researched ADD and came to the conclusion that this is what I'm dealing with.  After I read over and over every symptom pertaining to him (and it's severe), the anger subsided.  I don't think he can help it so I can't get mad.  I am starting to detach myself though.  My question - is he pulling my leg that he still considers me his girlfriend after no communication, no being there, no interest in my life whatsoever for a week or in his ADD cloud does he believe this is normal - that a relationship can go days with no nuturing or bonding?   

I realize that I should be asking him this and I will when he comes down from the high and actually requests seeing me.  I just wanted to get some feedback from anyone out there.  ADD'ers - is cutting someone off part of this disease or am I being duped?