The being "In Love" part of a marriage/relationship.

Wanting to ask a question here, just out of curiosity.......about being "in love".

  First....some background:   My H was the first man I was ever deeply and totally " in love" with. It was a sensational feeling, and I stayed "in love" for all this time, (despite the difficulties) except for when (2 years ago)  I knew I had to " disengage" this, and distance myself emotionally from him, for my own well being. He told me in the beginning that he "loved me" but never actually said the words "I am IN love with you", to me. I DO believe there is a difference between " loving" someone, and being " In Love" with someone. Plus,  I think its possible you can have both. Anyway...

     I know for most couples the "in love" fades, and a deeper and more mature level of love  presides and we go on from there. But, there HAVE been couples that  truly have stayed "in love" with each other. It's these,  couples that I'm curious about, in a few ways. Maybe this is not possible for couples,  where ADHD is in the mix, or IS it? but I am asking for other people's "experiences" with this.

     Question: Do any of you still feel the "in love"?  and.......have you ever had your ADHD spouse actually be IN LOVE with you? (to where you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that they really WERE " In Love" with YOU? Or, maybe did this "in love" leave quickly, like other things in their lives? Or has it shown itself in other ways? Or maybe never been? Or maybe its still there and better than ever.......just very curious.

    I hope this doesn't sound really crazy, and like I'm looking for a Cinderella thing. Its just something I've been curious about for some time now.