Being "put on the spot"

I have an example of something that happened between my ADHD husband and myself, so I'll tell that story and then ask a question. The last counselor my husband and I went to, told each of us to name 10 things that we LIKE about each other, and explain them. She was trying to help us each see the "good" in each other instead of seeing negative things. So, when we got home, I told my husband the 10 things I really liked about him, and told him why those things were special to me.

     So, then I asked him to tell ME 10 things he liked about me. Well, he couldn't think of any, so I gave him a few minutes to think and he STILL couldn't think of any. I didn't get angry or upset or anything........but then changed it to 5 things. I said, "What are 5 things you like about me"? Once again, my husband couldn't think of anything. NOT ONE..................So, then I asked him if he could think of just ONE thing that he liked about me. A couple more minutes passed, and he couldn't think of even ONE SINGLE THING that he liked about me.

THEN, he got angry and stormed off, yelling that I "Put him on the spot", and "I shouldn't have done that". and he was angry the rest of the night. I was terribly hurt by this, because my own husband, who says he LOVES ME, couldn't tell me ONE single thing that he liked about me. I'm sorry, it HURT. Maybe it was another ADHD moment, and maybe I shouldn't have "put him on the spot", but somehow deep in my gut, I don't feel that this had ANYTHING to do with ADHD.................or am I wrong? Has anyone else had any thing similar to this? and being told that you put your spouse "on the spot"?