Believing that ADD is real

I am a middle-aged adult woman, diagnosed and medicated for moderate ADD the last 10 years.  My teen daughter is also blessed with this gift and her response to medication has been much more obvious.  My very focused and productive husband has adapted to life with an organizationally-challenged but well-intentioned wife.  I don't feel ADD is part of how I define myself, but I'm currently unemployed, which often accentuates my ADD tendancies.  This is creating stress in my family, and recently my husband suggested that I blame ADD as an excuse.  Even my physician sister questions the validity of ADD.  Yet I'm seeing a counselor who brings ADD up as an issue fore me more often than I'd like. 

I looked for content related to 'validating  or believing in ADD as a condition' on this site and was surprised not to find it?  I'm formulating a longer post for 'ADHD Marriage' but thought I'd start with this?  J