Best Colleges for ADHD kids?

My dyslexic/ADHD son is considering colleges where a student can take one class at a time. Each class lasts 3 weeks, going from Monday-Thursday. By the end of the year, the student has taken as many credits/courses as at any other school. The idea is that he need only focus on one class, simplify his schedule, have less time management issues to work out, and bond with teacher and classmates sooner (rather than, say,  forgetting to go to class before anyone would even know him enough to notice he was misssing...)

The schools he's looking at which are organized this way are Cornell College in Iowa and Colorado College.

Does anyone have experience with either school?

Are there other, similar colleges to consider?

Any advice would be so welcome. I sincerely think a school like this is his only hope of success. (His older brother went to his dream college, but still managed to flunk out because of Executive Functioning problems and getting lost when he took required courses, as opposed to the ones he was passionate about...)

Huge thanks!