The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

We saw this movie last night. Don't see it with your ADD DH.  My DH is acting terribly suave and self righteous right now after seeing it.  He is giddy as a lark and on top of the world and I will have to put up with him for a while.  There is a couple who consist of an unhappy, nervous wife married to an impulsive, care free, possibly ADD husband.  I can read between the lines about why the woman is so nervous and unhappy but one of the heros of the story is the husband who, "gave ALL their retirement savings to a daughter, took another woman out for a romantic dinner and is caught holding another woman (to console her) all the while with the attitude of "Who, Me?". The story makes it out like the unhappy marriage is the wife's fault and that he is the way he is because she is an unhappy harpy.  She is demonized.  Of course we both saw the similarities of the couple in our own married life (we did not mention the similarities verbally).  DH keeps saying how great that movie was all day today. I am sure it feels like vindication for him and permission to go out freely and be happy and impulsive and divest himself of responsibilities and take up with other women like the character in the movie and then be celebrated at the end. I prayed to God, "Why do you want me to play THIS sad and lonely part?"  Warning to young people: The movie is about OLD, OLD people.  Definitely not interesting to a younger crowd.