Best treatment for "Slow Processing Speed"? Provigil? (Modafinil?)

So my husband got the full battery of tests a couple of weeks ago.  He does have ADHD.  His most pronounced deficit was in processing speed.  I can definitely see that.

I did a little internet research on slow processing speed and medication.  I got from various anecdotes that the stimulant medications don't seem to work very well for that, and one thing that

*does* work is Provigil (aka Modafinil), which is not one of the standard ADHD meds. 

Does anyone have experience with treatment of ADD where slow processing is the major issue?  What was done?  Did it work? Has anyone used Provigil?

(His psych appt isn't for another 3 weeks.  I can hardly stand the suspense- but I surely hope they get him the right medication soon after.)



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Sharing my experience...

Are you talking about sluggish cognitive tempo? 

I think I have that and stimulant meds helped me a little -- and then they wore off. Next time I see my psychiatrist I'm going to ask to switch to short-acting stimulants so my body has less time to habituate the way it does with extended release tablets. It's certainly worth a try for your husband though; I just don't see that much change in my core symptoms. I just have moderately more energy (and who even knows if that's what it is -- I have a mild form of bipolar which makes it hard to tell if things like that work). 

I heard the same things you did about Provigil and asked my p-doc about them. He said he tried to move heaven, earth, and an insurance company to prescribe it to a patient who needed it for an on-label use and couldn't get approval; so he basically told me he wasn't going to waste his time with it again. Thanks, doc. If you have any studies or research on provigial and ADD, I'd love for you to share it!