Bets and ADHD


I met my husband online. We talked for 6 months on skype before we met face to face. I never suspected him of ADHD. He was acting normal. We got married after 2 months since our face to face meeting cause we were in love. After that I found out he has ADHD, he gas 3 kids with 3 different women, he gambles/bets. Back then I really thought that everybody has the right to be happy so I didn't freak out. It's been 2 years since our marriage and its not good at all.

he has his moments when he helps me with house duties, he takes the dogs out from time to time, he cooks for me. But lately he is horrible, we fight every day, I yell and sometimes threaten him with divorce, I force him to do things. He is so lazy, and so selfish and I feel he doesnt love me.

I wanted to divorce him so many times but I really dont want that. I want to help him, I want to make him better.

recently I started to read about ADHD  and that is how I got here. I am very confident that I can make this marriage work but I need to change first.

Im afraid to have kids with him, as he already left his other 3 :(

i am afraid that the process of helping our marriage is gonna be too long and Sometimes I feel like Im wasting my time with him.

im also afraid that he will not quit the betting. 

He has good parts and He is a good man. He deserves to be helped, but can I help him?

Is it real that we can save our marriage?

right now he is in a different city to relax and think about us... He said, but he actually went there to have the freedom if betting. He said this time apart will help us. He said he might spend 4 weeks there

He called me today saying that he's coming home. After only 1week. He said he thinks he should be with me not far from me, but I dont believe him. He lies a lot....

i just wonder if this worths the try to save our marriage. Will I trust him ever? Will I have his kid without worrying that I will have to raise it alone??

did anybody succeed in this trying?