Birthday, Thanksgiving and now college weekend

So it's been a LOT of togetherness the past few weeks and I am about at the end of my tether.  DHs 50th birthday was November 17th and all four of us went downtown (Chicago) overnight-we had a super fancy dinner out then stayed at a fancy hotel overnight then had brunch the next morning and came home.  It was fine but taxing.  It made me sad that we have no couple friends that I would even have invited to join us and that DH has no friends period that would have made for a party or something.  He has two ways of being-sarcastic or sullen.  That's pretty much it.  I know many of us have posted here about similar things-odd ways of being.  Immature, inappropriate, acting too young or silly--all of those things.  So those two days were exhausting even as I wanted the four of us to be together.  I have brought up separating in the spring many times and both of our boys are probably headed to college in the fall, so lots of changes next year, but I figured 50 deserved some notice, so that's what we did.  Then Thanksgiving.  Again, just the four of us.  Neither of us has any extended family. DH does all the cooking and the amount of praise he needs for that is not to be believed.  Exhausting.  Yesterday and today we took the youngest to visit a college he was accepted to and again--sarcasm, weird inappropriate comments, asking questions about things that were literally just covered and then getting mad when things are repeated.  So strange.  He is f***ing 50 years old.  Grow up.  Act your age.  You are not your 17 year old son's peer.  We are on the walking tour of the campus, the three of us with one other mom and son, plus two students that lead the tour and they walk three steps ahead of me like I am not even there.  There was a presentation prior to the tour and the two of them sat there joking around and making fun of everything until I finally said something and they both got mad.  Seriously-I teach junior high and my students don't even act like that.  Bad enough my 17 year old son does, but what do you expect when that's how his father is acting.  Everything's a joke.  Nothing is serious.  Call me crazy, but if I have to figure out how to pay $20,000 a year for college, I'm gonna take that kinda seriously.  DH didn't go to college--went into the military right out of high school and has no use for education in general-we have battled this our entire married life.  He has the GI bill which is free tuition at any in state school.  No interest.  His work sends him to seminars-he comes home and says how useless they are, he could have taught the thing better than the expert, he never reads the book, he knows better, blah blah blah.  And both our kids are terribly underachieving--wonder why.  That is my single biggest regret.  They are both so smart and in large part because of their father's disdain for education they have not lived up to their potential.  Of course I am oversimplifying and there is not a straight line between those two things, but I would wager DHs attitude accounts for some of it.  

But I digress.  Just a lot of togetherness that reminds me why I need to get the hell out of this or I will die.  These behaviors are just so bad.  I really don't know how he functions at work AND I know why he gets fired every three years.  Just so many weird behaviors.  

thanks for letting me vent...