Blind but now I see?

I had a thought this morning....out of nowhere....I just wanted my H and I to be ONE of the success stories where ADHD and marriage succeed.

That sums it all up. 

There are not many who post here like that.....because they are off LIVING their lives! 

I wanted to BE one of them.....hmm.

Not sure why this thought is resonating with in me. I think possibly that the stories of both parties accepting the AdHD offer such hope and inspiration that "seeing" our own reality is ....disheartening.

While the non's take their own "journey" of self discovery and learning their part in reacting they themselves discover an uplift of personal discovery. I certainly believe I am a better person and want to share it in my marriage. does not lend to the marriage itself. It does not MAKE a marriage work. 

And we are back to square one....with a better(?) understanding......and perhaps..a clearer view of what we knew all along? And time is flying by.....and we are losing sight of the value of this one life we ALL have? Life does not offer a DO OVER.....but a DO BETTER?

We here offer encouragement to distraught, desperate spouses. We empathize.....but seriously....we cannot offer hope for success.....that we ourselves don't have. Re-defining marriage by taking reciprocity and mutuality out along with consideration? HOW does that work in a marriage? All very interesting.

Just this thought......I wanted for my H and I to BE one of the success stories.....Why?......going to be contemplating that.