Blocked on Facebook and doesn't even realise!

So I know this is such a childish thing for me to do but I wanted to prove a point, and I think I have....

A month ago I was SO angry at my husband for various reasons that I cannot be bothered going over (all the usual cause of tension in our marriage) and I deleted him from Facebook and blocked him. Childish I know, but I was feeling so rejected that I had to find a way to reject him back. Well aren't I the fool? It has left me feeling even more rejected then before. As I said it has been a month or so now and not only has he not even noticed that I am completely gone from his page but that he is not even listed as being married to me anymore!  He is on Facebook numerous times a day! THATS how little he thinks of me or notices me. I have to laugh. I wonder how long until he will notice :(


And yes I know it was childish, but I am sick of always being the adult sometimes