Blocked on Facebook and doesn't even realise!

So I know this is such a childish thing for me to do but I wanted to prove a point, and I think I have....

A month ago I was SO angry at my husband for various reasons that I cannot be bothered going over (all the usual cause of tension in our marriage) and I deleted him from Facebook and blocked him. Childish I know, but I was feeling so rejected that I had to find a way to reject him back. Well aren't I the fool? It has left me feeling even more rejected then before. As I said it has been a month or so now and not only has he not even noticed that I am completely gone from his page but that he is not even listed as being married to me anymore!  He is on Facebook numerous times a day! THATS how little he thinks of me or notices me. I have to laugh. I wonder how long until he will notice :(


And yes I know it was childish, but I am sick of always being the adult sometimes 

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living separately?

Halm, I noticed that you asked him to move out earlier this month.  Is he living separately from you?  If not, how did he respond to your request to move out?


No he hasn't

Hi Carathrace, he won't move out - that requires effort. He tells me that I and the baby should move out to my parents and he stay in the family home because he has 'nowhere to go'. Basically he is just doing the inconsistency thing - says something - does another, says something completely different the very next day - does something else, then reverts back to what he said the day prior - then does something completely different; I think you get my drift? He does my head in - if he doesn't move out then I will HAVE to because I can't keep living with him whilst he is like this...

Mine did the same thing

He said he had "nowhere to go" too. He really didn't, his mom sold the family home after we got married and moved into a mother-in-law suite in another brother's house. The idea of earning his own home didn't occur to him. I took the things that were personal to me, and a lot of what I had had in my own home before I married him. But he has the basics of life because I didn't/couldn't take them. He has the dog and the cat, washer, dryer, refrigerator, etc.

I moved in with my daughter and licked my wounds for a month of so. Then I did a month at a seasonal job I've had for 23 years (and he got fired from), got a real job, got a raise and furnished a new apartment for myself. It can be done, but it's too much effort for him. But he's always "too busy" to talk when I call, and has managed to lock himself out of his voicemail. How is he ever going to find a job if no one can leave him a message? He says he wants to work but definitely doesn't act like it.

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This is very frustrating. 

This is very frustrating.  You are trying to get a rise out of your ADD hubby and he doesn't even notice.  It's a little like drinking poison to harm your enemy if you get my meaning.

And how can it be that even when we do "Childish things" we still can't get them to notice.  And why do we even expect any different after so many times we've experienced that it is almost impossible to get the ADDer's attention.


Tell me about it

I can't even imagine not noticing something like this! Just shows how 'self-focused' he is :(

You're not the only one to get bitten in the behind . . .

I too once did an extremely childish thing to try and see if he actually pays attention/cares and it also backfired on me as well and made me even more depressed.  Once, while I was home alone I accidentally knocked over a lamp because my partner left it in a precarious place and I left it lying there because I was too annoyed and I didn't want to forget to address it with him.  After a while I decided to run an errand and as I was leaving, I accidentally knocked over a stool (really light-weight) that gets knocked over quite a bit in our household.  Before I went to pick it up, I had this bizarre idea to leave it along with the lamp and to also leave the mess I made in the bathroom (stuff pulled out of cabinets onto floor etc.) which is something I would never leave before going out.  When I left, it looked like something serious could've happened.  Maybe.  It wasn't dramatic.  But enough that you'd think someone who saw it might at least casually contact you to see if everything is ok.  Well, the whole time I was gone, I got nothing.  No phone calls.  No texts.  When I got back he was just sitting on the couch and only the lamp had been uprighted.  This little "experiment" just ended up making me even more depressed.  It's sort of the same with birthday's and anniversaries.  Part of me always wanted to let them pass by without saying anything to see if he'd remember, but that always just ended up making me more depressed than if I had hounded him about it.  Between a rock and a hard place, eh??  I feel ya.

I get you

Yep I get you - even when it is staring them right in the face they don't see it. I was once lugging 20 litre jerry cans of water up onto the back of my ute (truck) with my husband there. It didn't even occur to him to ask me if I wanted help! He just watched me do it and they are damn heavy! If I had of questioned him about why he didn't offer his help he would have said (because he has said this so many times in the past) "If you didn't nag me so much then maybe I would want to help you". GAH!

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This has really made me think

This has really made me think a lot the last couple of days, especially since I recently pulled a childish stunt.  Generally I'm very careful about that stuff because just in case I do get a divorce, I want no embarrassing events brought up. 

I've noticed that hubby just does not even notice much of anything nor does he understand that that something is significant.  For instance, I emailed him a few months ago that he needed to take parenting classes (and therapy for himself) or move out.  He had 1 month to comply.  Well, he actually went past the month deadline but I gave him some grace since he did make the phone calls.   Somehow I let myself get roped into going with him to parenting class.  As usual for an ADDer he managed to double book himself and had to reschedule, and it was a rolling mess.  I made it to the appt but he didn't.  He called me after the session started to ask if we were going but didn't call the therapist nor just come over.   I was furious.  I had made it plain that this was a life or death situation for our relationship and he still manages to mess it up.  And what does he say?  "I'm sorry you are so upset about something so minor"  I don't know about the rest of you but if you want to start a good fight in the professional world, a man telling a woman he is sorry she got her feelings hurt is hugely patronizing and can result in balls rolling down the hallway.

I'm just tired of his laziness disguising itself as ADD.

And now he has learned that hoarding is a learned and genetic problem so he tells me that I need to honor his hoarding genetics and let him use all the time he needs to decide whether to get rid of something or not.    ARGH!!!!!!!!!  

My children came up to me after he went to work and said that they had been talking and that they want to move out.  They are tired of the mess too.

I have told my husband that the kids and I don't like the mess and he acts puzzled.

I've also told him about his behavior and explained that he needs to look at why he doesn't have any friends.  I reminded him of several years ago he was asked to give a speech at a conference in my industry.  We talked about whether he could do it or not and he assured me that he could.  It took forever for him to write his speech.  I listened to it (I speak professionally) and it was horrid.  I tried to gently tell him but he got beligerant with me so I got him a coach.  The coach finally came up to me and suggested that I tell him not to give the speech because it was really bad and he would not listen to her suggestions.   He gave the speech anyway.  I know I am supposed to support my husband but he humiliated me in front of my colleagues.  It was not until this weekend when we had a horrid fight that he finally heard me when I used this event as an example of how he won't listen to people.  He was stunned that I thought he had done a bad job.  He could not believe that the coach had given up on him instead of just quitting.  And what gets me is that I told him all this as it was happening but he thought he knew better.


A shorter and more recent example is that in my living room I try to keep it beautiful.  We even have original artwork in there, etc.  He decided to put a small TV on top of the big TV that suddenly stopped working.  As he was doing that I said, "Please don't do that.  It's straight out of a white trash sit com"  He growled at me and told me it wasn't.  Come on, a TV set on top of a nonworking TV set is the icon of white trash.  So, for about a year I've had this in my living room along with the expensive art work.  He won't budge.   I am embarrassed.  Why won't he just get rid of the nonworking TV?  My ADHD 14 year old complained about it today and said he thought it was tacky.

Oh, I've had so much to think about since I did a stupid childish thing.   I know I've rambled.  I"m trying to put this together in my mind.

It does seem to me that if your partner put "life and death of our relationship"  on terms like go to parenting class you would move heaven and earth to get there if you gave a damn.   But maybe that's my problem.  I give a damn and he doesn't.


I don't want to be mean...but

I don't want to be mean...but really?

OK, I get that some of the ADHD spouses on here have additional issues that only compound the problems in marriage. But acting childish on Facebook, deliberately setting up scenarios to see if they notice, etc. is not the way to act. It doesn't do you any good, nor does it do your spouse any good. What does it matter if your spouse doesn't notice you took him off Facebook? You can only see your "family" connections if you actually look at your profile page. Many people don't do that...they never get off their FB feed. Him not noticing that you blocked him is not a measurement of anything. Nor is leaving a mess in the house to see if he starts to worry or if cleans it up. And the more stress you put on them to meet an expectation by a deadline (especially one with life changing consequences), the more they are going to rebel and/or screw up. Does it suck? Sure does.

Look, I know where you're coming from. I know the place when you would do ANYTHING to get their attention. I used to daydream about being in some kind of accident. I wondered if DH would show up frantic or would he be hours behind the response of my other family members. I often wondered too what his reaction would be if I was pregnant and in labor and he had to come to the hospital. Would he show up before the baby was born? Lol. I know the dread of seeing the days creep by until Christmas or a birthday or anniversary and wonder will he remember/have the money to get me something as a present? Or should I just buy something for myself from "him" and call it day (but end up depressed because it's not the same thing)?

A lot has changed since then. He's grown up. He's not on meds but he recognizes that he has a problem and that he has to master it in order to be successful in life and in marriage. It took him nearly five years to do this and my threat (and expected follow through) of a formal separation to get into counseling with me. The follow up to that moment was utterly horrible. There were many times that I thought I was losing my mind. There were many times when he was clearly in the wrong but he contrived to turn the blame from himself to me. It happens. Know that their minds just don't work the same way that ours do. They're not stupid. They're not lazy. They just don't work the same way we do. It has nothing to do with you or your relationship. It's all on them and whether or not they truly want a change for themselves...and whether or not you want to wait on them.

Regardless of whether or not your relationship survives, do yourself a favor and don't be childish and/or set yourself to be disappointed. You'll feel a whole lot better about yourself at the very least...and sometimes that's all we have.


A little hindsight here, which can be taken with a grain of salt or not:-) These types of things will drive you nuts. It's like the "rom com" syndrome. You know, the movies where at the end the guy realizes how wonderful the woman is and that he can't live without her and he almost blew it and he runs through the train station/airport/streets/bullfight to find her to tell her. My spouse never did this. He never remembered birthdays or noticed lots of things. And I was hurt and mad all the time, each time he proved to me again that he was NOT THAT GUY (especially after being that guy during the hyper focus stage). Mine also had a host of other things going on unfortunately, but just this "noticing" issue?

That's the definition of ADHD. Not noticing. An attention deficit. Now or not now. Mine would frequently say, "I didn't KNOW!" And he didn't. It is only recently I became aware of how critical I was toward him, how hurtful it was for me to be mad at him all the time for not noticing things or not being the guy who would be aware that I had pulled into the driveway with 100 bags of groceries or that it was time for the kids to eat. It honestly may not mean he does not care. You just can't see it because his brain is not like yours at all. Later he said, "Why wouldn't you just ASK me to bring in the groceries?" My answer to myself was, I didn't want to have to ask every time. Every time. Every time:-) I can laugh now. But for it to work, I was either going to have to be ok with asking, or his ADHD was going to have to go away. And that wasn't going to happen. 

There is a lot in here about the ADHD spouse getting treatment, and I do think it is the second half of this conversation. but this is my hindsight for the non spouse: I can say that to get hurt and angry at the same thing over and over is the definition of insanity and setting yourself up for sorrow. Been there, done that. I was so mad at mine for so long for not being what I wanted, for having ADHD symptoms that I thought meant he did not care, for not being that rom com guy. Decide what you can live with and what you can't, and go from there. Maybe he is the right person for you and maybe he isn't. I think getting upset when you already know what the answer is going to be is being a little codependent (I speak with humility and from experience). If this is going to work, then you both will have to work very hard, and your part is to stop being mad and criticizing everything. If you can't do that, then maybe accept that you can't? I admit I couldn't get over him not being able to take care of me at all when I had surgery, pretty much not being able to function. I need to be with someone different than that. I was not the right person for him, either. But it helped me a lot when I stopped being so mad. My best to you all. 


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great post

Lynninny, one of the greatest, most sensible posts I have yet seen.  I needed to read this today, and I wish everyone would.  Thanks for sharing your wisdom.


Carathrace, I read everything you write on here and love your posts. Thanks. 

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Your post was extremely

Your post was extremely good.  You seem to be in a really good space right now.

I wish I could talk to you person to person to ask you things.  I guess that cannot happen. 

But I will remember your post I hope because it was so wise.


Thanks, barneyarff,

I have often wished there were a support group that could meet in person:-) There are so many great people on here going through the same things. 

Best to you. 

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    This is pretty darned



This is pretty darned good stuff that you wrote.  I've read it many times and yes, cringed a bit in parts of it.

So, I'd like to ask some genuine questions here.  I'm really not being snarky

1) "And the more stress you put on them to meet an expectation by a deadline (especially one with life changing consequences), the more they are going to rebel and/or screw up. Does it suck? Sure does. "

I thought the literature said that the "only" way an ADDer will complete a task is to have a hard deadline with lots of consequences for not completing it.  Now you are saying they will rebel or screw up (Actually my experience is that you are right)

So, if I can't say "Can we agree that you will get counseling or leave in one month" without that being a deadline with consequences, what do I do?  If I say nothing he will continue doing what he is (not) doing blithly tripping along and getting away with not taking care of business.  He will be happy (well, not really but he will be relieved he doesn't have to face his stuff) but I will be miserable.  I "can't" say it really hurts my feeling when you forget my birthday (for example)?  Do I just pick up and leave?  Is that the only thing I can do?  I mean, I need to say to myself "This is how he is.  Can I live with it or not?" and that is my only card to play?  One year I "forgot" his birthday and he was furious.  His excuse was that he just "forgot" and I was malicious.  And be malicious is much worse.  Of course, he says that a lot.  I just want him to understand how bad it feels.  Maybe it's OK that i retaliate, because "That's just how my brain works"


2)  You say it's been 5 years of working hard.  Well, I'm pretty impressed with you.  I've been married 39 years now.  I've waited a long time to see something happen.  The irony is that NOW he is taking baby steps and I'm out of patience.  About last Feb I realized I really did not love him anymore.  I've seen him act more and more like HIS Father (who is a posterboy for Jerks around the World)  and frankly at this point I'm not sure there is anything, even far out Hollywood type of things that he could do to make me interested in staying with him.    I guess my question is after waiting for so long for your hubby to get a clue then waiting 5 years for change to take place, how did you do that??!!??

3)  I understand that their brains are different.  BUT at what point do they use us as a crutch to get things done that are too boring for them to do?  How many times does an ADDer use ADD as an excuse?  To me that is lazy.  Please tell me where I am wrong here.

PLUS my brain is "different" too.  When does he have to bend a bit so my brain gets what it needs?   Here is the unfairness of all of this.  The ADDer needs lots of time, understanding, help, forgiveness, encouragement, etc.  But what about me and my needs?   I need a space where there is no clutter so I don't feel anxious.  I need bills paid (and there was a time it was very difficult for me to physicially write a check much less figure out how to pay bills)  Why don't I get my brain needs met?

It seems as though it "always" is about the ADDer needs because of his poor brain.   When do I get my needs met?

Ditto. My brain also is


My brain also is "different."  I worry about things.  Shouldn't my husband accommodate my brain being wired for anxiety?

Yes. Really.

I would find it hard to believe that you've never done anything you were ashamed/embarrassed of.   We get that things we did weren't wise, but hey we're human/imperfect too!  Or are only individuals with ADHD allowed that?  It's not like we're acting this way on a day-in day-out basis.  That would certainly be a problem.  At least for me, what I did was a one time thing that I knew wasn't smart at the time I did it and I certainly understand that now.  It was done out of frustration.  I think you can probably understand that. 

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Will someone help me

Will someone help me understand something please?


After many years of putting up with undiagnosed ADD and hoarding issues, my husband has in the last  3 months actually gotten some councilling and is making an effort to parent in a consistant manner and get rid of things.  It is very very slow but it is moving forward.

So, why now am I just absolutely ready to throw in the towel to the point of just renting something to get the hell out of here?

Parts of me is mad because, all I can think of is that he could take care of his problems if he wanted to and gotten help but he was willing to put my children and me through hell instead of facing what he needed to do.

I don't trust that if I decide to stay that he won't back off of getting better.  (My experience is that unless I'm lighting a fire under him he won't do anything by himself)


Has anyone else gone through this.  What did you do?  Is there a point where it doesn't matter anymore what the ADDer does, the non is just done.

I could use some help.  common sense says to stay,  Every bone in my body is screaming GET ME THE HELL OUTTA HERE!!!!!

:( This could probably explain my depression/sadness....

I've read a lot of different things about ADHD including how difficult it is for those who seem bound to those they've made the choice to be bound to. Each time after I've read posts on here, I've been overwhelmed by the thought that by the sounds of things, I'll never be able to be a man any woman would be able to put up with. Not knowing I even had this until this year, having just turned 45 last month, I've been dealing with a crap load of disappointments. Most of my life, I've tried the best I could to manage my "lazy" and "irresponsible" life. I was married 16 years to my high school Sweetheart after we dated for nearly 6 years. I grew up hearing all about my "lack of anything needed" by more than I'd like to know about. Bottom line, was my wife's casket on a cold day in the winter of 2009 that not only ended a 3 1/2 year battle of pancreatic cancer, but my married life as well. I'd never been alone until that point, and have never gotten used to it since. I quickly learned that I had real serious troubles when I tried to function solo! I had walked a horrific journey with my late wife and stayed there the whole way through, even dealing with her bi-polar disorder and a few other disorders that I can't even begin to spell that she'd been diagnosed with. I spent many mornings over the years worried that I'd find my bride tied to a rope hanging in her closet from the depression she struggled with. I've dealt with over four years of being a caregiver/patient advocate who had to be responsible for keeping track of more med's than you'd ever want to keep track of; had several people (mostly men with tears on their cheeks, if you can believe this) tell me straight out over the years that they couldn't of done it, some broke down and actually confessed that they wouldn't of done it; it was too hard; to much. I don't need to tell you what it's like to live with a hard battle that never seems to end, but I can tell you, when it all comes down at the end of the day, and it will let me assure you of that fact being real, you'll look back and know, you did what was right. What if it was you who couldn't even understand why you "don't fit" anybody's expectations no matter how "hard you tried"? What'd it tell you to not only hear you, even with your junk, aren't worth fighting for, but to actually wake up one morning to see the empty pillow (just as I do everyday) that won't hold you, won't inspire you and won't encourage you to do anything but pull the (hopefully, if you could remember where your partner neatly folded it) matching comforter up over your head and pray to God for a quick death. I know many who read this, will have all sorts of thoughts about it being an "over-the-top" lecture or pitty-party ADHD'r excusing his stuff away. But I'm giving you a real challenge here, one much bigger than being the one with ADHD, and that's to stand by and love them. Let 'em know you're frustrated and hurt, by all means, way beyond what you'd ever think you would or should be able to take as a human being!!!! But then stand the test of the battle and show them they are worth being loved and cherished! If a guy as messed up as I am (having the second woman since lossing my late wife walk out of my life BECAUSE my life is a royal mess) WITH ADHD can walk through it because love IS ENOUGH, than you can too! Marriage isn't about getting your needs met, it's about loving somebody because you're committed to seeing your life's most important role lived out for real in a horrible situation and circumstance! If they're abusing you in anyway or cheating on you, get some counsel in your own rights as a somebody who deserves to loved beyond what your dreams could ever tell ya! But nobody is unworthy of being accepted and loved the same as yourself. Sorry, just had to say it from a different view. I wish I honestly knew nothing about it all, but I do.... No where does it say, your commanded to be loved, but only to give love. Please be gentle, I'm a newbee. ;-) (and yes....THAT would be an excuse!)
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Dear Sir   It's clear that

Dear Sir


It's clear that your grief is still profound;  I'm sorry for your loss.   Taking care of a cancer patient is difficult.  I had Ovarian cancer and almost died.  My ADD husband was able to stay focused on me as long as I was in the hospital.  and I know about all the pills, etc.  Taking care of a cancer patient is difficult work with no guarantee of a good outcome as you know.  That being said I'm impressed your wife lived 3 1/2 years with her cancer. Pancreatic cancer is viscious.  It says a lot about how much work the 2 of you put into her welfare.


and I won't rag on you.  You seem much too sad to have a bunch of angry non ADD spouses pounce on you.  I would encourage you to see that you ARE able to focus. Look how you took care of your wife.  That's hero material, there.   Go get all the help you can find to be able to function easily from here on out.  You are young (only 45)  why be miserable one minute longer when meds, coaches, etc are available to you.   It's time for you to be a hero to yourself.

I can't imagine anyone would attack you too much if you are making efforts to control the ADD.  For me at least, it's been my husband's arrogant incompetence and denial that really annoyed me.  And letting my children and me be miserable rather than find a way to control his symptoms.  THAT is NOT hero material, in my opinion.  That is coward material.  And now after 39 years and a threat to kick him out, NOW he does a little bit about it.   I hope you see the difference.  it's not the "disease" it's the denial and avoidance to fix the problem that is the problem. at least it is for me.

Take good care of yourself.  Read stuff, exercise, etc.  You can come out of this with some help and effort.  To be honest there are a lot of things that are appealing about an ADDer.  the energy, the silliness, the adventure loving, the smarts. All of that is appealing.  Keep that part.  Just learn how to smooth out the other parts.

Thanks for the grace! :)

One will always deal with grief after loosing a spouse or anybody close for that matter. I am so honored to be replying to someone who's alive after cancer! VERY COOL!!!! On the final paths of grief therapy (year's of it in my case) one arrives at a certain point of their journey, if they've done the work. Their walk comes to the place of being grateful that their loved one is in Eternity, and that they are still here alive on earth to cut a new path forward into their own new journey of life. I have walked the grief journey to that place. Grief is like a thorn bush in a very easy way to understand. When your world as you knew it, for however long you'd lived it to that point, came apart, you found yourself place smack-dab right in the middle of the nastiest thorn bush you'd ever wanna look at, let alone be in! You have two choices: 1) Stay in there and die. or 2) Grit your teeth and plow through it. Sure, it's expected that there's gonna be many scraps and cuts that leave some BIG scars! I'm no longer in the grief bush, with all the scars to prove it! I did the work. Now, just as then, I'm in a new kind of challenge. I am being medicated and despirately seeking the counsel needed to step out from the unhealthy mechanisms of how I used to live my life. Being alone for me (fully knowing that some would give everything to be alone) quickly points out all the area's in life that need work. I haven't known that there was a part of me that felt like I needed someone else to be around to help me keep focused. It's been a battle of it's own with nothing to do with lossing my late wife; that was a whole other battle that I am very happy to be at peace with!!!! :)))) This whole world of ADHD for me is something new. I've heard the statement of, "You're only making it worse to keep giving excuses for you lack of responsibility!" so many freakin times in my life that upon learning that I was "...not just a little" ADHD, but you're practically "OFF THE CHARTS"! I ordered and practically consummed the book on this sight because I want to be able to function interdependantly in a relationship, not co-dependant or even independant. My facts are, I have ADHD (non-hyper ....THANK GOD!!!!) and that fact won't change, which is scary to me and probably any woman I'd find loving me in the future. The woman I'd referred to as the second one to walk away really hasn't dumped me, she's had to keep stepping back to wait/watch and see if I will be able to function to the level her and I both desire to see me achieve. I can't ever change that I'm one who does better in life without living in solitude, but that I thrive when I'm around the woman I love. Yeah, she's gorgeous inside and out by everybody's standards, and I know all to well what hyper-focusing looks like, but I also know that when "the honeymoon stage" is long over, and things are tough, it's a choice you make to stay there. There's something, or MANY things, that hopefully caused you to want to be his wife at one time that may be so covered up by his fears of being unaccepted that I think it's sad to see his way of keeping himself from being vulerable enough to have the intimacy you at one time dreamed of having together is to ignore everything and act like everyone else is crazy, or worse yet to blame it all on somebody else. He's sick, and it's quite clear; he is frustrating to be around, but it's still a choice you make that looks past all the crap and sees the boy trying to be the tuff guy. I'm sorry you've been forced in ways to deal with all that you've dealt with, just like your heroic fight with cancer, you'd never sign up for it, but you'll fight like your very life depended on it, as it did. Please don't hear any judgement on you or anybody that faces what you face! WHO AM I, to judge what somebody else has to deal with?!?!?! Please, forgive me if I have inadvertantly done so! As best I can or know how to, I set my life to try'n edify people; all people, as I've watched many deal with more than I'd think I'd be able to do. Kajaun, my late wife, would sit down for hours on end during chemo treatments with several other's who had either been cured of curable cancers (and even some cured of non-curable cancers) or who didn't face a terminal prognosis, and find that she was blessed because there were things others had to deal with that she didn't have to deal with. She always said, "Baby, I win either way." which always seemed to bring my response of, "Yeah 'Kajie'... I know YOU do, but the rest of us got deal with it!". Well, here we are, you're having to deal with it, and I'm having to deal with it; along with everybody else who'd read this on this web-site for that matter! Only we're not fighting cancer, but we are fighting to live! I thank you for sharing more about life. And for "learn'n me a thing'r two" about the struggles you face/faced as one dealing with someone else's disorder. Maybe it's just me, that wants to hit this deal in my life, the same as I did my grieving process, with a head on frontal assult to rise above it all. If I am the minority in this, it sure would state a very sad statement. I struggle every morning to convince myself that I'm worth it, but I've never struggled an outright moment of KNOWING that the woman I referred to as Beautiful, and her six kids are easily worth it. So I do need help, because if you can't do it for yourself, you won't be able to survive to do it for anybody else. I know that I struggle in laying down my insecurities and fears. Oh what I wouldn't give to be a real man who isn't affraid of anything on this earth or below it. My fear of rejection and abandonment, as a result of ADHD, is the very thing that caused this Lovely woman (who does quite honestly captivate me without me being in the hyper-focus mode) to step back away a few weeks ago. We almost got married a year ago, and had she not done the hard thing of postponing our wedding 8 days before, because I wasn't ready, my junk would have made life miserable for her. I just would have plowed right on in and did the typical man thing of "I can fix it, cause me man...and I can fix anything!!!!" instead of doing the honest thing of reaccessing how I should be functioning. I was engaged to the woman of my (and unfortunately OTHER MEN's) dreams without a clue of how stressful it would have been on her! I want to be who I'm designed to be; even trying to see ADHD as a gift and asset instead of it fueling me to be an ass****! Lol, if you can read this, and not see I'm "off the ADHD charts", then this would be a really good sign that you need go read some other kind of know, the one that hangs on the wall that people try'n memorize before the Doc holds a black 'spoon-like' object over one of your eyes and says, "Ok, let's see how ya see life, now read the first line...."! ;-)