"Blowing things up."

Hi-  It's been a while since I've been here, but I find myself coming back over and over again as this is the only place where I feel like there are others like me who are struggling and clinging and smiling and trying to hang on during the CRAZY ride of long-term marriage to an unrepentant (albeit medicated) ADD spouse.   My husband has "blown up" 8  jobs in the last 12 years (quitting because of some perceived injustice or being unappreciated in his mind), and finally, after a hiatus after bailing on the last one 2 years ago, got a part-time job at a local school.  It was kind of his dream job-  flexible, working with and to support kids, and with a kind, although overextended boss.  He's had the job since last year, and everything has been going okay, although there have been the usual "flare-ups" of  perceived injustice, he's managed to hang on.  Today, he fired off an email to the whole staff in which he countered his boss-  before he did it, he told me he was going to and mentioned "Oh-  I just realized I forgot to take my Concerta today."  I responded with the suggestion that maybe this was not the time to send  the email, and you can imagine what happened next.  He sent it, I expect that he will get fired tomorrow or, more likely, he will "decide this is not a good fit."  Now he's moping around that he's a loser and that he can't get along with anyone.  I'm having a hard time coming up with a pep-talk and after being in therapy for a while to try to figure out how to deal with him and survive in our marriage (I *do* love him and we a child who need 2 parents), I no longer enable him by telling him that everything is fine, because IT'S NOT.  I think he is right that if he loses/quits this job, he is really unemployable, and although he talks about wanting to start a business, his people skills are so poor that there is no way that will work and we both know that.  I guess I'm wondering if anyone else has dealt with the "blowing things up" phenomenon and how you handled it (without divorce).  I am back to having that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach wondering how the hell I'm going to be able to keep doing this-  I am now taking care of a dying parent and my child-  I'm again feeling like I'm at the end of my rope.  Thanks for any advice that's out there.