Blurting out sarcastic statements

Picture this I am at a beautiful campground with my ADHD husband and we have just gone on a wonderful bicycle ride on a trail that leads to a lake. We are sitting by the lake and my husband suddenly blurts out in a very sarcastic manner "by the way thanks for mending my sweatshirt". I said oh I forgot, leave it out when we get home and I'll mend it. He says, don't bother I took it to get mended, and proceeded to lecture me on my forgetfulness and how I should not be since I am 13 years younger than him. (I am 56). So my question to everyone is does your ADHD partner blurt out sarcastic remarks out of the blue? He just loves to pick a fight. Needless to say it ruined my whole day. I asked him why when he got the sweatshirt out to take to get mended why he couldn't have just handed it to me then and remind me. But the lecture just continued until it spiraled into a handful of things that he had to complain about. This following two weeks prior of him accusing me of having an affair with his best friend while we were all camping together. So add paranoia onto the sarcastic out of the blue statements and I'm ready to pull my hair out. Thankfully he leaves in two months to go live in another state for the summer (yes this is a good thing).