Boundaries for hypomanic episodes

Hey all, my husband has hypomanic episodes a few times a month.  He comes home after having a few drinks and then chats my ear off all night.  Not listening to me, interrupting, and saying things that he doesn't mean (I hope).  This is really stressful for me as in the past, these episodes usually result in arguments because of the way he is acting.  I have CPTSD and have been doing EMDR for almost a year.  This situation has been a really big trigger for me as he has abused alcohol in the past and the episodes were way worse.  I have been considering just going to my room for the evening and not interacting with him.  He has untreated ADHD and he uses alcohol to help him focus when he has projects he is working on and needs to make decisions.  I feel like this makes the hypomania worse.  He refuses to seek treatment for his ADHD.  I would appreciate any input on this situation.  Thanks!  Becky