boyfriend hasnt been sympathetic to my newly diagnosed ADD

My boyfriend and I live together we are in a mature relationship but my ADD is causing a strain. I know my boyfriend cares about me because he has been theone supporting me He was the person who convinced me to get myself checked for ADD. I have been having a reallhard time remembering things that are important to the relationship and trouble focusing. He has been having very little patience with me recently and is wanting to call me stupid and say it's not just the ADD. I feel so hopeless and pathetic because he's told me he loves me but can't see this working. He says hasn't broken up withe because I'm pathetic. I really love him and I am sorry for causing him to lose his faith in me and us. I haven't gotten my medication for my ADD yet and I feel like he isn't going to wait to see what kind of results it will bring. I have been so frustrating for him and I wish I would've found out about my challenge sooner.

I hope he waits

I hope he waits for you to give the medications a try. It might take some time to get them right but he's come so far with you that it would be a shame to quit now.  He might just be adjusting to the reality of the diagnosis, I know that even though I was 100% convinced that my husband would be diagnosed it still took a little time for it to sink into my brain that it was real.  Hopefully he will come around. Of course it's not okay for him to call you pathetic, you need to calmly point that out to him.  You don't have ADHD because you failed at something, or didn't try hard enough at something, and it's unacceptable for him to imply it.  I hope things work out for you.