A break....

I have decided to take a break form here and focus on myself and not my DH's ADHD.  I need to find myself again and although I love you guys to death (YZZ, Sheri, DF......), I just don't think I can do that while being on here every day.  Just know that you all are awesome and the most supportive group on individuals I have ever met and I will be back.  And hopefully it will be in a better frame of mind and with more positives than negatives to share.  Bye for now!

As much as I love this site,

As much as I love this site, I admit to sometimes feeling like the posts influence my emotions and my own relationship. The 'commonalities' (BAD ONES) that we all complain about, that never seem to change or improve are sometimes really, really hard to get past. You get this "they're all the same and will never change!!" attitude stuck in your head and it can influence things in a negative way. I have found though that the positive influences (helping me get UNSTUCK) have been stronger than the negatives that chip away at my hope. I simply couldn't have made it through without the support I have here...as I have NO ONE else who understands to the degree that folks here do.

I am sorry you feel you need a break, but understand completely.