Breaking Mindless Habit Which Upsets Husband

Hi all,

I have to post quickly and then do my nightly routine of lunches, clutter fun, and school work.

This is going to sound ridiculous:  I am a lifelong stomper.  By this, I mean that in spite of the fact I am a normal-sized person, I have been known to "walk like a herd of elephants," to quote my mom when I was a teenager.  I don't mean I am having an adult tantrum.  I mean that for whatever reason the way my foot strikes the ground is loud; it's my gait (no, I am not like Quasimodo).

So...when I am in a hurry, my gait is more pronounced.  When I am running around doing lunches, when I have a lot to do during the school year and I am trying to get it done, I get (you might be shocked here, folks)...distracted.  The second I lose self-awareness, I start the stomping.  I also slam cabinets, apparently.  My husband told me today that in spite of the fact he has not yelled (he hasn't; ACTUAL shocker), I have not "changed the behavior." EDIT:  HE ONLY MENTIONS THIS BECAUSE HE IS TRYING TO SLEEP.

He is right.  I just don't know what to do!  Maybe write signs to myself that I hang in the kitchen?  What if I forget?  Maybe wear my slippers so my gait is softer?  He doesn't want me putting any in the cabinet that involves screws (I already tried that thick felt-type material that you stick under chair legs to prevent floor scratches.  The cabinets still bounce 3 times when shut quickly.

He thinks I don't care enough to change.  NOT TRUE!!! I am trying to correct it, but I need a better strategy!  I can't override my stupid working memory with willpower.  Were that the case, this would NEVER have been a problem to begin with! 




PS I also don't want to inadvertently "train him" that he NEEDS to yell at me...more.  He's trying to do it my way, and I want to be able to respect his needs, but my memory doesn't give a rat's ass!