breaking things

Maybe this thread has already been done, but I have another question in which an ADHD person may be breaking things. Do other ADHD'ers break stuff?  My ADHD husband is always breaking things, and has ever since I met him. Most of the time he shrugs it off, but it has cost us an unbelievable amount of money in replacing items that he breaks. You NAME IT, he's broken it.  Every time we get an item where there is some "assembly required", the item gets put together backwards or upsidedown, or gets broken completely, but, if someone ELSE breaks something, he goes ballistic. He gives himself SO MUCH ROOM for creating awkward situations, or breaking things, and we get very little to no leeway. I don't understand this.

There are many undone projects in the house that are results of him breaking items in the house. (2 sets of collapsing doors) (the ceiling in the kitchen and dining room where the heating cooling system flooded the attic)( a big hole in the family room upstairs where he cut a hole into the attic and promised me he would put a door there - that was 8 months ago...and no door, just boards across the big hole) (the ENTIRE garage full of his stuff and now the cars can't get in) (a botched patio he made in the back yard which is a mess now and has to be totally redone) (the pack porch which is half done from the FIRST time he tried to redo it and broke things in the room)(the broken hot tub from him trying to "winterize" the pipes underneath and broke the whole thing)

There are chores that need to be done around the house, but the chain saw is broken, as well as the weed eater, the pressure washer, and a host of other small appliances.( and that's just currently) It was much worse years ago, when almost everything he touched ended up being broken, and if I said anything, he got angry immediately. One summer he went through 3 lawn mowers because he kept breaking them. Then he would go out and buy another one claiming that the LAST ONE was just "junk". NONE of them were junk.........he just was too rough on the machines, and never cleaned them after mowing the lawn or would run over rocks and stuff which would break the blades or the belts.  We spent over 4,000 that summer on lawn mowers. There is a very good lawn mower that has been sitting in the yard for over 8 years now, but he won't let me get rid of it because he's "going to get it to someone who knows how to fix lawn mowers". But, it's been out in the elements for 8 YEARS NOW, so I doubt if the thing is any reasonable working condition. (this too cost several hundred dollars)   The riding lawn mower we have is quickly going down the tubes, and he won't let ANYONE use it but him. I CAN'T STAND IT. Why be SO STUBBORN about letting others use things when HE is the one who breaks everything? I just don't get it. Can anyone answer this?