Breaks up all the time

I have been together with this man, he's 37. I'm unsure if he is adhd, and i'm trying to understand what is happening.  After a while i could see Signs that he had adhd and said i thought he was right. Then he wouldn't talk about it anymore and just said he didn't have it and we shouldn't talk about it anymore. He is impulsive, wants to do this and that, and suddenly not. He have a lot of things he does, planning all the time, is very energetic and just the way he talks about things stresses me. Just seems like the smallest things stresses him. Suddenly he can be so annoyed at very small things  

He is totally in love with me . But all of the sudden he just pulls away, become cold and distant  

I just wanted to hear if this sounds like a man with adhd. I really need to understand his behavoir.