From the brink of divorce to hope for the future

Not even a week ago, I was ready to divorce my husband.  I only work part-time so I've been applying for full-time jobs like crazy and planning my escape.  And then something wonderful happened.  My husband started on Concerta.  The first couple of days he was irritable and he would say "I'm sorry I'm being so irritable".  At first I thought "here we go again" because he took Adderall and it was a disaster.  And then I realized - he had apologized to me.  Sincerely.  Without being prompted.  It was working.  The next day, we took the kids out to a moonbounce place and he was present, like actually there with us, involved, having fun with the kids, not focusing on how loud or annoying the place was.  The next couple of days after that he was being loving, he actually turned off the TV so he could focus on something I was telling him.  He set reminders for things he needed to do in his phone.  He told me he can see for the first time how his behavior has affected me and the kids.  He has been in counseling for the past month as well, but it wasn't until the meds that it was like a switch flipped.  I know that he will still be forgetful and that he will probably never be a good planner or as on top of things as I am, but he never was.  It wasn't the disorganization or him "slacking" off on things that was going to end our marriage.  It was how mean he would get and how short with me.  The meds seemed to have taken that edge off.  I have my husband back.  The man I fell in love with.  I am relieved.  I am also nervous, because I don't want it to go back to how it was.  But at least I have a glimmer of hope now.