Broken Promises vs. Lies

I've had a particularly difficult day today. ADHD BF is out of town for a work project. I woke up early to get a jump on my day and had NO INTERNET. Because BF didn't pay the bill and it is more than TWO months overdue. And because my entire business is online, I was screwed.

I had mentioned the overdue internet bill to BF several times in recent months and he repeatedly told me, "I'll take care of it" and "Don't worry." At one point in April, he told me that he had "Contacted them and worked out a plan."

Really? Seems like not so much.

So my question tonight is... this situation feels like not only a broken promise, but like a lie. Not sure which is worse. He looked me right in the eyes and said that he would take care of it. And he did not. Ironically, his business is also online-based but since he's out of town, this did not even directly affect him today. What do you guys think... is this a broken promise or a lie? Is one worse than the other? Does it even matter? Bottom line - once again - is that I believe that I cannot trust him. He is not good to his word. And since this internet suspension left me in the lurch, I feel like he basically said "Screw you" to me. His priorities were and are elsewhere.

After some angry text messages from me, he made a tiny partial payment online using his phone (less than 1/4 of the total amount due) and by a miracle, they turned the internet back on tonight. He did not call Cox or work out a deal. There is still an overdue balance. The water bill is also two months late. Will that be shut off next?

BF only pays for TWO household bills. Or should I say, he is supposed to pay two household bills. The Cox bill and the water. I pay everything else. Everything. Ridiculous.

Thank you for letting me vent.