Calling YYZ, and all other ADHDers who are 'morning people'

I read that ADHDers are typically night owls and their brains don't 'wake up' until 10pm or so.  This has aways been the case for me and it seems like no matter what I do I cannot stick to anything that's early in the morning.  I struggle to get through all the household routines and have everything clean and put away by 11pm and have to get up at 7, so I try to get to bed by 11 or 11:30, but typically it's midnight before I can get everything done (and stop puttering around with the computer).  So the only time I can have any 'me' time for exercise or anything without my kids on top of me, it has to happen at 5 or 6am....  I've tried to commit to going to bed by 10pm, getting up at dawn to exercise, or write cover letters/revise my resume/job search but I just can't get up!!!  I tried taking my first adderall dose at 5am and seeing if it would help me get up at 6am, but unfortunately, I slept til 7:30, thereby wasting a couple of hours of focus!  Maybe in my dreams I got a lot done... I don't remember!

So my question is:  if we're all inherently 'night owls' how did you 'transform' yourself into a morning person???  YYZ how on EARTH do you get out of bed at 5am to exercise??  Can you get to bed really early?