Came home to an angry husband last night and everything I did upset him!

I am SO tired of these episodes. We haven't had one in about 2 months and he's been really good about controlling his anger. We had a great night the night before and he was pleasant in the morning before he left for work so obviously something or someone at work upset him. He acts all nonchalant when I get home like "Oh hey it's you". Yup it's me because it's only us here! Then I take a shower and get out and he proceeds to tell me how much the kittens are annoying him today by running around him while he's on the computer and trying to jump up on his lap. Well let's are the one who wanted to keep all 5 kittens rather than give them away so you have NO right to complain! Of course he turns that around aon me all the time saying "Well you didn't want a dog so we got 5 kittens instead" like it's ALL my fault when I barely wanted one kitten! Then he goes out into the kitchen and says "So we actually have stuff to make tacos?" I said yes that I got some soft taco shells. He goes "You mean tortillas?" all snotty. Yeah same thing. He had to correct me because, as I said, nothing I was doing was right. Then the day before we were out and got home around 5PM. Well he had his car broken into on New Year's Eve and had a set of car keys stolen from it. Well rather than calling a locksmith to get the locks changed (because that requires having to look one up and call!) he parks in the driveway and has been wanting me to park right in front of the driveway to deter anyone from coming and taking off with his car and then every morning he has to move my car before he can leave. Brilliant right! SO much easier than calling a locksmith!. Because if anyone wanted to take his crappy 1995 Subaru that's rusting away, my truck in front of the driveway would deter them. Like they couldn't get in it and drive into the yard and drive away! We get home that night and he parks on the street but not in front of the driveway. I ask him why he isn't parking there and he goes 'Oh it's been 3 weeks, I think it's fine to stop parking there now". Okay. So I get home last night and park along the street just past the driveway. Well he looks out the window last night and without a word to me, grabs my car keys and goes out and backs the truck up about 5 feet so it's in front of the driveway. Comes in all huffy that he had to do that. You JUST said last night we didn't have to do that anymore! I bet if I had parked in front of the driveway he would have gone out there in a huff and moved it off of the driveway and tell me that he TOLD me we didn't have to do that anymore.

Well he spends 1 1/2 hours cooking dinner and playing his video game without a word to me. I go in the kitchen and ask how his day was and get 'How do you THINK it was? Same old sh**, different day!" I opened the fridge and he got upset because he needed to get in it. I threw something in the trash and he got upset because he was headed to throw something in it, I go look out the sliding glass door and he huffs up behind me and stares at me saying "Are you going out or just going to stand there because I need to get out there". Obviously no matter where I was I was going to piss him off because it was EXACTLY where he wanted to be. I go sit in the living room and watch tv. About 10 minutes alter he goes "Dinner is ready. Sorry to make you get off your butt and come and get it but I know how you like to eat. I'm not hungry and am going ot go play video games." Why in the hell did you spend all that time making dinner if you had no intention of eating? We had leftovers and I can feed myself without you having to cook. Then I guess I was supposed to feel bad that he spend ALL that time making ME food.

Sometimes it gets to the point where every benign thing pisses him off. I'll hear "Why can't you put your face wash in the medicine cabinet rather than leave it out?". "Why does that plant have to sit there? It's in the way." "Do you REALLY have to walk that loudly?" "Is it necessary fo you to swallow that loudly?" That didn't happen this time, but I have heard all of that before. He just gets so angry with anything I say or do (or don't say or do) that I have no idea how to be with him. If I speak, he blasts me and if I sit and say nothing he gives me a sarcastic "What's wrong with you?" I can't enjoy anything then because I am so worried about how he's going ot react to anything. I hate living like this when he has these episodes! Now all I can do is sit here at work wondering how he'll be when I get home tonight.

Just checked his clock in time via the web because something told me he either pulled the "I'm leaving for work but not going in" thing or he's coming home early. First off, he tells me last night he has to go in early--3AM. He resets his alarm again and again between 2 and 4. Gets up at 4:30 and is out the door in 5 minutes.I see he didn't clock in until 5:24, which is well past 5AM and way past the 3AM he was supposed to be there for OT. He clocked out at 7:34. Obviously he is pissed about work. This hasn't happened in 4 months and is now happening again. He WAS moving to 2nd shift in a different area in 2 weeks but says he negotiated a deal with his crew that they would start up a 2nd shift in October and he could lead that so he's sticking with this crew until then. He obviously hates his boss and one of his coworkers so I wish he would just move to this other crew and have a better work life.