Came home to a wonderful dose of H's attitude last night!

I sent H a text around 2PM. Just a silly little text. He always responds in some way to those even if it's a smiley face emoticon. I got nothing. I figure he either hadn't looked at his phone (very doubtful) left it at work (possible) or is pissed about something (probable). I know the kittens were being annoying the night before and running around the house keeping us awake so I figured he's probably really tired.  I got home at 5PM and he was in the bedroom. Less than a minute after I get home, he comes storming out of the bedroom right past me and says "How the HELL are you"? I say "Okay. How are you? (like I already didn't know)!" He goes "Well I've been trying to take a nap for the past hour but these little shits we have for kittens aren't letting me. You guys are really enjoying it aren't you? Thanks a lot you little shits". Then throws a dish in the sink, stomps back to the computer room slams into his chair, slams his hands on the keyboard. And I'm sure me coming home and making noise was just the icing on the cake for him! Of course the kittens follow him into the room and he goes "What the hell do you want? You know where your food dish is! Jesus Christ leave me alone" then proceeds to push them aside with his foot or push them off his lap. Real nice guy huh? I avoid him and don't say a word to him. I go out into the living room and about a half hour later he comes out and tries to have a civil conversation with me but I'm too damn afraid of saying anything because I'm sure he'll make it seem like he's pissed at me too. I'm just waiting for him to start going off about anything from my coat hanging on the wrong hook to it being my fault that the trash is full since he is on his mean tangent.Then one of the kittens is playing with a poop pellet. We get this pellet litter rather than the regular kind so it doesn't get tracked around the house. It's the same kitten that plays with them. H goes "Oh imagine that. Callie is playing with a shit pellet! It doesn't matter if we take it away or not because there's a bunch more where that came from because Mom (meaning me) keeps buying them." Then laughs as he walks away. He had fed the kittens before I got home and then I hear right after that lovely comment "Why are there 3 different half cans of food in the fridge? Why didn't you just give them all to them?" Well I opened another can this morning not realizing there was one in the fridge because it was hiding behind something and then they had enough so put a half can back in the fridge. But um, YOU were the one to feed them last and YOU put a half can of food in the fridge too. Actually I look at it this morning and it's not even a half can, it's like a small spoonful. You did the exact thing I did too, even  worse, so why are you lashing out at me?

Then if he was so tired, why did he stay up until 10PM playing his damn video game and then come to bed and spend 30 minutes reading? The whole time I hear these loud sighs. The cats are not making a sound so why don't you try and go to sleep now? I'm sleeping on the corner of the bed so I don't hear "Geez, can you not hog the entire bed?" I try not to move unless absolutely necessary. I try to make sure I'm barely breathing so he doesn't get irritated about that. I never wanted 5 kittens. I barely wanted 1 kitten, but his mom offered to bring us 5 and he said he'd give the other 3 away. I told him to tell her to just bring 2 but he refused to do it. He never gave the others away because he wanted them all. I completely believe that he has it in his head now that I am the reason we have these cats. He kept joking with me "Well if you would have let me have a dog we wouldn't have 5 kittens". He kept saying to me "Thank you for letting me keep these. I love them so much." Just the night before he was gushing over them and saying how awesome they were and even when they are naughty they still aren't bad. Yet less than 24 hours later he's pushing them away and calling them little shits. He never has the right to complain about having 5 kittens. He is the one who wanted them. Yup they are going ot be very annoying and very loud.

I went to bed when he did. I was up most of the night listening to them run around the house just as he was. I got out of bed 15 minutes after he did. Yet I'm not the one being an asshole about being tired. I've been kept awake several nights when he's on 2nd shift staying up until 4 AM playing his video game at a loud level but say nothing. I've had a stiff neck for the past week because I have slept so crappily and have said nothing. The only person who puts me in a bad mood is him. I am a happy person in general and even if I have a bad day at work, I leave it at work. There is not one other person who makes me feel anywhere near as bad as he can when he is on these mean streaks.