Can anyone with older children with ADD (or spouses) relate to this work situation?

My 21 year old son has just walked off his new job today.  I am sick!!  It took so long to finally land the job and he was hired out of 200 others.  The job was going to pay him 9.00/hr (a big deal when most only pay 8.00/hr) and it was going to give him a good amount of hours.  He worked yesterday just fine but today his manager said he needed to be doing something differently and, of course, he took it personally with his low self-esteem and it all went downhill from there.  This is the second job it has happened on.  Is there anyone else out there that has experienced this?  I am getting him into counseling so he can hopefully get some help with these reactions.  Any other comments?  Thank you.       

Yes my spouse has done this multiple times

My husband quit three or four jobs in the middle of the day for various minor issues. He would get angry about a change or about being disrespected and just quit. (I also suspect that at least once he quit because he knew he was about to be fired.) It took him a good ten years to figure out that you should find a new job before quitting your existing job. Funny thing is that he believes his "career" was hampered by me somehow rather than his behavior. Apparently my insistence on making sure I did my job and kept a steady income all these years was really just not paying enough attention to his career needs. Ugh.) Anyway, I hope counseling will help. Sometimes hearing a third party's opinion makes a huge difference.