Can it work?

My husband has lost his third job in the past few years. It's "never been his fault." In retrospect, I was was his time management and organization. I just bought his story.

He was diagnosed Thursday. This explains everything...the lapses in judgement, the forgetfulness (seriously, who forgets Valentine's Day? Then he told me, 'Well, I was going to get you something, but I forgot."). The leaving the gas turned on, on the grill...the leaving the iron plugged in. The wandering off in a store without telling me, and then I spend twenty minutes to find him. Chronically losing his keys, glasses, wallet....leaving wrappers out when making food...

My parents have already told me how they feel. I know, I'm married, and it's time for me to make my decision. If you had asked me yesterday, all I could think is, "I can't live the rest of my life like this. If we had kids, would he wander off in Home Depot and leave them?" Today, I think I'm optimistic. 

I feel lost, and am seeking support...I've been reading this forum scrupulously (oh, our counselor said that the reason we're having problems is because of his issue and I am WAYYYYY Type A)....can it work? Can we make it work despite all these glitches? 

Feedback is welcomed!