Can medication be too high and cause behaviour isses?

My husband was diagnosed 9 years ago and it has been a battle, both for him and our family.

HIs medications have changed a few times over the years, i don't have specifics on the treatment, all he asked me was to let him know if significant changes in his behavior happened. They have over the last 2-3 years: anger, impulsivity, negative mindset that makes him feel attacked even though there is nothing of the sort. I have mentioned it a few times but nothing changed.

In the last year and a half, he was diagnosed with depression and I know they increased one of his meds. Not only has the past behavior gotten worse, now he has significant memory issues, forgetting entire conversations (did not used to be like that) and even people's names.

I have been patient and supportive (even though he says he can't see that) but I am at the end of my rope.I want a divorce. I told him that but our daughter would have to give up on a lot - we are in a very expensive city, she has ADHD too and needs to continue therapy, she is in a great school in a specialized program and she is an athlete. A divorce would be very detrimental to her.

So I am looking for solutions.

I keep thinking his treatment plan is not working and I seriously think his meds are an issue. Can they be too high? He works odd hours so he takes meds morning and evenings, not sure which one when. Wellbutrin XL 300mg Vyvanse 10MG and 60MG