Can people with ADHD ask for help?

My husband has a hard time asking for help.  I don't know if he is afraid to ask for help, very proud of his unwillingness to do so, or both.  

I'm frustrated by this, because it has contributed, I think, to the imbalance in our relationship.  Despite the fact that my husband claims to have no needs and despite the fact that he rarely asks for help, I do most of the work around the house and I often anticipate his needs and those of other family members and do things without being asked.  I am willing to ask for help, and it seems that this pegs me as "needy."  My husband often does not help me with things I ask for help with; do you think this is why he doesn't want to ask me, because he thinks he'll get the same response from me (refusal, inability) as I get from him?

So, I'm working on changing this pattern of behavior.  I will still ask for help if I need it, but I will not do things for  my husband unless he asks for help.  First test is coming up rapidly; he's out of town and due at the airport, in a city about 90 minutes away, tomorrow evening.  I've asked him a couple times to let me know how he will be getting home from the airport.  I've said that if he wants a ride from me, he needs to ask.