Can we expect our ADD spouse to be responsible for the damage they cause?

If your spouse does something really dumb because of his/her ADD, can we expect them to be responsible to repair the damage, or should we just "suck it up" like we do everything else?

Let me give you a specific example. My husband bought a new (to him) car because his new job required it. When he'd only had it 9 days, it broke down AND HE JUST LEFT IT ON THE STREET. It had a warrantee plan, so the seller was responsible for the towing and repair. He says he called and left a message on someone's voicemail, but he didn't know his phone number(!), so he couldn't leave a number for them to call back. They say he never called. Anyway, the car was towed by the city about 8 hours later. It happened I was due to pay my tuition the next day, and I had to use the tuition money to get the car out of the city impound. My name is on the car too, and he's required to have it for his job, and there was no other money to use. I was only able to take one class that semester instead of 4. This will knock me back a year on graduating.

I want him to pay my tuition to take enough classes to catch back up to where I should be next semester. He doesn't feel he should have to do that, because he'd probably have to work a second job. (I did that for almost 3 years while he wouldn't work, so I know it can be done.) He just says S...t happens. I am asking this in a calm, reasoned, non-accusatory way. I'm 55 years old and I am very much afraid if I'm nearly 60 when I look for a job in the field I'm now studying, I won't get one, so this is very important to me.

So, what I'm saying is, is the ADD person responsible for the damage they cause, or should the spouse bear all the losses when the ADD person makes an ADD mistake?