Can't be diagnosed due to lack of parents

Hello, just curious if anyone else has run into this issue.  I'm currently living in the UK - so using the NHS to help diagnose my husband. We got lucky and got an appointment with a psychologist within six months and he did an intake on my husband.  I wrote up a two page paper of his symptoms and how this has caused problems in our life.  At the end the therapist said that my husband had the symptoms, BUT: He didn't figet or pace the floor when the therapist was talking to him. (Although the entire time my husband was picking the skin on his hands and fiddling) Also, they cannot diagnose him because my husband could not get statements from his family about his behavior when he was little.  Hubs mom is passed on and his dad is a Narcissist that we had to cut out of our lives due to multiple types of abuse. He also cannot be diagnosed because he does not have his report cards from when he was around age five to a teen. This intake was last year and since then they've had him go on a mindfulness course which did F and all.  How does one get diagnosed say if their entire family is dead?!  Because of the usual financial disaster he creates literally every 3-4 months and a genetic disease I just got diagnosed with and not working currently, we cannot pay for private care.  Any ideas on how to get a diagnosis? We've been married five years and it's been hell for about 4.5 of them. I'm burning out. My health issues have gotten worse (which led to my diagnosis), I don't know what my future will be, wheelchair etc, so I've got that mental mind F going on right now along with him not being able to do simple things like wear clean clothes when they're available. (He'll wear the SAME clothes to work for weeks even if a clean uniform is avail..) Picking up after him is literally physically taxing.