Career Complications for my ADHD Spouse - What's the best way to support him?

My husband has been struggling with a career since I have known him. He has returned to school several times, explored dozen's of ideas, and is currently in school for a career option which we both believe will be a good fit. The trouble is, my husband struggles so much with school he doubts he will be able to finish. He is approaching his 40th birthday this fall and has yet to have a "real job" (i.e. career). I am so worried about him as he struggles with depression. He is absolutely brilliant but is unable to focus well enough to complete his assignments on time despite medication. I believe his difficulty with school is exacerbated by his depression. I have suggested in the past that he consider being a stay-at-home dad for our three children (7,4, and newborn) as I do have a decent job. After reading several posts, however, I understand the difficulty this presents both in regards to cultural expectations for men as well as the personal difficulties of organizing and running a household - no small feat! I noticed a lot of members have good jobs - this is not the case for my husband, Surly we can't be the only couple struggling with this. 

I am desperate to adequately support my husband in being able to feel ok with his life, to find joy and contentment in it. I know this is not something that I can do for him, however I want to be helpful (not nagging!) in what ever way I can. At the same time, I am frustrated and financially strained which he feels awful about. Any advice would be much appreciated - or even just an acknowledgement that we are not alone in this struggle. My heart breaks for my husband. Help?