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I would like to know what Careers work for ADHD people.  What jobs do ADHD people do that can keep them stimulated and happy rather then job hopping?  I know my self I have ADHD and my longest job has been 3 years but is often then then a year.  I would like to change careers but don't know what would be good to get into to keep me enthusiastic and interested.  I know a good career can help a relationship go smooth as well and mine needs help.   I have read how some ADHD people don't work so I guess I am doing better then some people, but there is room for improvement.  I guess when I have a psychologist tell me I should not be in the career I am in with ADHD it helps me believe it is time to move on.


So are there any success stories out there when it comes to careers, jobs, works, etc?  I would love to hear about them.

Career, Job, Work Criteria

Hi there.

My husband works in a sales career that involves a lot of driving. He's been with the same company for many years and has been very successful.

I think the most important thing is to honor your criteria.

My husband had no idea about the adhd when he began his line of work.

He did know what he had to have in a job. He knew he couldn't sit at a desk all day. It had to keep moving. Lots of small interactions with people sounded appealing. He's really good with numbers, as well.

Your criteria may be different, but it is important to honor it for success.

Programmer, problem solver...

I was always good at putting things together, taking things apart to see how they work or to fix it. I was a model builder as a kid. Programming is challenging to me and self rewarding because I create things that have not been done before and these things make other jobs easier. Very rewarding in my opinion. I ended up in IT because the head IT guy noticed me fixing my own problems that his guys were stumped by. After a few months he saw that I would be good at programming... I thought he was crazy, as I'm not That smart. Well he saw the traits were there at age 38, who knows what I could have done if I knew this at 20 :-)


Some counselors can do career

Some counselors can do career planning as well, does yours?

Something that keeps you busy is a must. Many are in IT (my husband included) because it is stimulating and keeps them busy. Never the same thing every day.

Chef? Police officer? Nurse? EMT? Fireman?

Career, Job, Work

I was demoted last week because of not being able to complete the supervisory duties that I was hired for.  I was not expecting it, no feedback on how bad I was doing but I have spent the past 4 years putting Band-aids on gaping wounds.  What I would say at this point is don't try to do that you think you are good at and you are not.  That was demoralizing for me to be told that I am unable to do my job but at the same time, I realized that I sucked at it.

Now I am trying to find what my passion is and do something different than what I am good at.  I am not a good supervisor because I don't like mundane paperwork tasks that seem not meaningful enough to me to do them, even though I know it needs to be done.  So I have resolved to not take a supervisory position, take the pay cut and find a niche that suites me better. 

I would check out a book called 48 days to the work you love by Dan Miller.  He provides some interesting insights on changing careers.


Professionally speaking, my ADHD diagnosis has been a blessing

Three years ago, I was diagnosed with ADHD Type I & III.  Since I was a teenager, I wondered why I had limited focus and concentration.  It's funny, I have also learned many individuals with ADHD communicate by starting with a summation sentence rather than an introduction sentence, like me.  I was also prescribed with a new ADHD treatment drug, Strattera, and discovered the results weren't significant enough to assist with my focus and concentration issues, so I switched to Ritalin.  Today, I am a fifty-year old man who enjoys all activities related to the outdoors because I love to have 'the wind in my face'.  I am an avid cyclist and find myself riding as much as 40 miles a day, as many as 6 days a week.  If I can't perform this activity, it affects my mood.  I find cycling refreshing and stimulating.  

Professionally, because of my lack of focus and inability to concentrate for long periods of time, I have been in short-cycle selling.  I have been in short cycle selling since I was a teenager but have grown tired of the day-to-day grind of dealing with people, and more specifically, their problems.  I am in the process of completing my college education in Business Administration and have discovered I have a real passion for writing and observing others.  

Today, I am trying to figure out a new career path.