Career, Job, Work

I would like to know what Careers work for ADHD people.  What jobs do ADHD people do that can keep them stimulated and happy rather then job hopping?  I know my self I have ADHD and my longest job has been 3 years but is often then then a year.  I would like to change careers but don't know what would be good to get into to keep me enthusiastic and interested.  I know a good career can help a relationship go smooth as well and mine needs help.   I have read how some ADHD people don't work so I guess I am doing better then some people, but there is room for improvement.  I guess when I have a psychologist tell me I should not be in the career I am in with ADHD it helps me believe it is time to move on.


So are there any success stories out there when it comes to careers, jobs, works, etc?  I would love to hear about them.