Central Auditory Processing as an additional obstacle

I would love to hear from some of you who also have (or their spouse also has) Central Auditory Processing Disorder in addition to the ADHD.  Both of my sons have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD as well as my husband.  One of my sons was also diagnosed with Central Auditory Processing Disorder in addition to the ADHD.  It was very obvious to me that my son had it because in addition to having to repeat things sometimes, I would have to re-explain and/or re-word things.  And, not only that, sometimes when things are inferred or implied he misunderstands the meaning or intention of what is being said.  

This is exactly how my husband is...in addition to poor memory and distractibility contributing to confusion and miscommunication, he will often misunderstand the "meaning" or "intention" of what was said.  Sometimes he uses the wrong word for what he is trying to say, so I can also assume that he is misunderstanding a definition or meaning of a word or saying, and that takes a conversation in a whole new direction also.  

I was never able to find a speech pathologist or program for my son that might help with the auditory processing and maybe that is because there really isn't anything.

ANY ADVICE OR GUIDANCE would be so greatly appreciated!!

Thank you,