A Challenge for You

Not sure what category this belongs in, but this forum has a "positive" title, so I'll go with it.  I'm declaring today "Be Authentic Day".  This is a one-time free pass to be your best authentic self.  Not the perfect self your mother, your teachers, your spouse or your friends "expect" you should be.  But the real, fabulous, unique best self you know you are somewhere inside.  Feel like a parent most of the time and hate it?  Today you are free instead to be your authentic self, and not a parent.  Hope you enjoy it!  Feel like you're treated like a child who can't be trusted to take of yourself or your family?  Day Off!  Today you are free instead to be your best self and show it off to the world!  Feel angry and resentful, and resenting that you feel that way?  Holiday!  Today you are free to show everyone how fun, funny and lighthearted you are deep down!  Feel tired, hopeless and like you just can't get started?  Poof!  Gone!  Go ahead and show the world the sparkling, full-of-energy person you know yourself to be!  (pssst.  You may get shocked a few times and forget today is YOUR day to be YOU in all your loving, strong, ADULT, no-excuses, fun-loving glory.  That's okay.  Be Authentic Day lasts until midnight, so you get another shot! But it may not come again for a while, so grab your chance.)  Best wishes.