Changing Tack and Communication.....

prepare to come about.....HARD TO LEE!!! 

If you do not sail or have never been on a sail probably wouldn't have a clue to what this means?  Even if you had a vague idea, it still probably wouldn't register until it was too late before being hit on the head and flung into the water with the jib sheet wrapped around your neck. Or,  if you were lucky, you might have grabbed a spinnaker fair lead , stanchion guy wire or boom vang before going over the gunwale and overboard. That is unless you grabbed a lee shroud or are standing forward the mast which in that case, you'd have nothing to worry about anyway. That's assuming you weren't flying a spinnaker or running wing on wing of course...which as everyone knows is a completely different story. Technically speaking when running down wind under any sail aren't actually changing tack when setting a new course. Still clueless?  Of course you are because without a klew, you wouldn't be sailing in the first place since you have to have a klew to have a sail.  Everyone knows that !!

These are all concrete terms for parts of a sailboat.  Don't ask me where they came up with these names but it is a completely different language.  Still, once you know them you will pretty much know where all the parts are on any sailboat no matter where you go or what boat you are on. To the point?  So everyone is talking the same language so there is no confusion ever.

I just discovered why ADHD'ers have so much trouble communicating in a concrete way of thinking....because we are concrete thinking challenged and think and speak in abstracts predominately and  have a very hard time being concrete at all times!!  This is where I discovered communicating with my wife gets so difficult.  She is definitely a concrete thinker and I appear to have be almost completely incapacitated when required to think and speak at the same time and be concrete.

However..if I am on a sailboat I do just fine even though everything about sailing is concrete and there is nothing abstract in the language or the terms and what they mean.  The conclusion here for people with ADHD.....we need to be concrete when we talk to people unless we don't want them to understand what we are saying.  This might be wishful thinking,... but does anyone know how to become better at thinking concretely?

There appears to be plenty of information and learning tools on how to think more abstractly, but very little info on how to be become better at thinking concretely ? ( the other way around of course which without asking...I already can guess the answer  lol )