Chaotic Sleeping Patterns

Hello Everyone!,

I have been visiting this site for several years and finally joined! I found this to be the most comprehensive site and the forum is so helpful. Whenever I feel overwhelmed with my husband's ADD I come here, read everything and feel better. I do have a question of my own now and am looking for some help. My husband was officially diagnosed with ADD three years ago. We had already known he had it, but it wasn't apparent how badly until he began working in his career as a hospital administrator. The stress was intense and to make things worse we were transferred to Germany for his job. To manage he would take his meds in the morning (slow release) and then a short release tablet in the afternoon. If it was a particularly stressful day he would then drink a Monster on top it all and eat junk food for lunch (Doritos, etc.), but this usually happened once or twice a week. By the afternoon he would be sleepy, but managing it and then by evening he would (will) be too tired to do anything. Around 1 or 2 am he would wake up, go downstairs and play video games, then stay up until it was time to go to work. By the time he regulated his schedule a few days later it was time for another stressful day and the cycle repeats itself. Of course this has overlapping consequences with him unable to keep up with his responsibilities at home and with our four children. Either my husband doesn't have full blown ADD or we have managed it mostly because I am so happy with him. I would still marry him all over again, but sometimes I do feel overwhelmed. Any suggestions?